cushion in sun, self in mirror
pancakes and a tablecloth
stood on his hand
baby chair, always gnasher
discos, christmas plays, summer fetes
crazy hair, rabbits and bike riding
birthday graze, bullied for a day
I’ll see you guys in eleven days
furby, free time, sims
fen move, new friends; three a crowd
a bench, braces and boys, basketball
dear diary, hand held, first kiss
fairs and sunshine
so much to talk about
running, forget it
webcam, msn, piczo, laughter
boring later years, paddling pool ears
myspace, moving up, a knock at the door
eyes closed; his passenger
first love, intimacy, fear and confusion
poor studies, vintage dress, saying goodbye
facebook, isolation and good grades
watching her walk across in silence
first time apart from parents; peril
three still a crowd, leaving falmouth
first heartbreak; sudden loss
an old friend, selling soap, self portraits
losing our darling
poetry, dancing, drinking, disgracing
another old friend, a bike; a lie for both
a quiet companion, purple hair, red hair
first trip to ireland
york, red hair, black hair, red roots
slow start, art gallery worker, tutors
a real friend, and his friend, the parents
limerick, nervous breakdown, a cottage
too much quiet, finding ways; a journal
sculpture readings, an anxious pal, freedom
calls to nanny, artist studios – characters
reconnection, his diagnosis, leaving yorkshire
breathing into bloom, walking for parkinson’s
dear grandparents, memory loss
hello career, sexual unfeeling, waiting too long
singing, social awakening, behaviour unveiled
clay, solid ground

02.16: I took a few minutes to jot down an overview of my stand-out
memories from life so far — things that instantly jump out, when trying
to think back in some kind of order. I’ll make a piece from this one day.