Breathing into Bloom

'Didn't I blow your mind this time', 2015.

‘Didn’t I blow your mind this time’, 2015.

Katherine presented a selection of work at The White Room in York during April 2015.

“Intriguing. Really made me think. Love the relationship between title and image.” – E.S.

“I find your artwork intriguing, absorbing and subtly atmospheric and hope you will
find many more opportunities to share your talent. I would also add that your skills
in communication and curating are very clear from the overall high standard of
presentation and publicising of the exhibition and events.” 
– M.D.

More comments here.
‘Breathing into Bloom’ catalogue here.
‘Hideaway’ catalogue here.

Original release:

‘Breathing into Bloom’  at The White Room
Priestley’s at nº 36, Bootham, York
Friday 3rd April – Saturday 2nd May 2015

The White Room presents an enlivening range of work by Katherine April, an artist whose
photographs explore hideaways and the inextricable link between shelter and nature.

Katherine is interested in our relationship with nature and the overpowering existence and
necessity of shelter in the modern world. Nature haunts her interior scenes as it becomes clear
that there is no escaping it: the mind does not rest and often seeks the other, no matter where
one is. We may strive towards finding hideaways but then pine for time apart from them,
envisioning wilderness.

This exhibition consists of a selection of brand new work by the artist – bold, vibrant and
full of clarity, along with older pieces that have never been shown before – dark, grainy and
searching amidst bright, quiet spaces.

'Made of more', 2014.

‘Made of more’, 2014.

Sunlight pervades; flowers and outlines of trees and sky erase parts of walls and faces; the body
and its aspects become animalistic, recalling experiences of the great outdoors gone by.

Katherine invited fellow artists to contribute images of their own hideaways to ‘Breathing into
Bloom’. She is hugely thankful for the response. The hideaway photographs are displayed on the
fourth wall of the exhibition and priced at £10 each. All proceeds from the responses and 10%
of profits from Katherine’s work will go to Parkinson’s UK, a charity that is close to her heart.

'Breathing into Bloom' at The White Room, April 2015.

‘Breathing into Bloom’ at The White Room, April 2015.

Hideaway artists

Andy Leader, Anna Lilleengen, Anne Rook, Celeste Ortiz, Chris Loves Photography, Dave Ho,
Georgie Lacey, Hondartza Fraga, Janey Walklin, Jill Campbell, Kevin Ryan, Lydia Brockless,
Madeleine Phiri, Michael Apichella, Michelle Duke, Peiyun Zhang, Rose Claw, Ruby Tingle,
Sarah Catterall, Sharon Harvey, Sid Black, Susan Plover, Suvina Singal, Tony Noble, Verity Harr.

– Breathing into Bloom press release
– Exhibition photos
Exhibition posters
– #BreathingintoBloom (Twitter)
– #BreathingintoBloom (Instagram)

Selected ‘Breathing into Bloom’ press, April 2015:
Aesthetica Magazine, a-n, The State of the Arts,
York Press, The Big Issue in the North,
Living North, ArtRabbit

Hideaway works.

Hideaway works. – Find the original Hideaway call to artists here.

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