Hideaway Catalogue

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Responses to ‘Hideaway’ 
Works displayed at The White Room, York, during April 2015, kindly donated by artists to
fundraise for Parkinson’s UK. An aspect of ‘Breathing into Bloom’, curated by
Katherine April. Click the images to discover more work by the artists.
Further images to be added shortly.
Click for installation shots.

Rose Claw, untitled, 2013.

Rose Claw, Untitled, 2013.

Janey Walklin, 'Self-portrait', 2013.

Janey Walklin, ‘Self-portrait’, 2013.

Sharon Harvey, 'Forest Hut', 2011.

Sharon Harvey, ‘Forest Hut’, 2011.

Lydia Brockless, 'Cuddle', 2014.

Lydia Brockless, ‘Cuddle’, 2014.

Peiyun Zhang, 'Research of light', 2015.

Peiyun Zhang, ‘Research of light’, 2015.

Michelle Duke, 'Half-life', 2015.

Michelle Duke, ‘Half-life’, 2015.

Anne Rook, 'Up the Hill', 2013.

Anne Rook, ‘Up the Hill’, 2013.

Ruby Tingle, 'Take me in Mud', 2014.

Ruby Tingle, ‘Take me in Mud’, 2014.

Madeleine Phiri xx

Madeleine Phiri, ‘Leningradsky Prospekt 33a’, 2014. 

Tony Noble, 'Sunday Morning', 2011.

Tony Noble, ‘Sunday Morning’, 2011.

Suvina Singal, 'Life in the Singal Room', 2014.

Suvina Singal, ‘Life in the Singal Room’, 2014.

Jill Campbell, 'Ancient Traces', 2014.

Jill Campbell, ‘Ancient Traces’, 2014.

Susan Plover, 'Secret Garden, Golden Moments', 2015.

Susan Plover, ‘Secret Garden, Golden Moments’, 2015.

Michael Apichella, 'Loch Long, Scotland'. Acrylic on canvas, 2015.

Michael Apichella, ‘Loch Long, Scotland’, 2015.

Andy Leader xx

Andy Leader, ‘Caderlie Bothy’, 2011.

Celeste Ortiz xx

Celeste Ortiz, ‘First Contact’, c. 2014.

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